80s, like totally for sure

Do you remember the 80s?

A decade of unprecedented military buildup and the threat of nuclear war.  Big hair, bright colors and turned up collars.  MTV, SDI, CDs, and USA Today.  John Hughes, Stephan Spielberg and George Lucas movies.  Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and The Brat Pack.

Let’s see a show of hands

Raise your hand if you…

  • Think the Top 10 best comedy movies are from the 1980s
  • Think Movie Quotes from the 1980s are an essential part of any conversation
  • Think you remember the 1980s well enough to answer Trivia Questions

Raise your hand if you…

  • Remember Ferris, Egon, Spicoli and Long Duck Dong
  • Remember every line from your favorite movie
  • Remember the name of the groundskeeper in Caddyshack

Take a trip back in time to the decade of excess.  Listen to your favorite hair band on a Walkman, get out your Docksiders or Vans Slip-Ons, take the day off and stroll down memory lane.

Ferris, Sloane, Cameron in the 8os  80s Egon  80s Spicoli  80s Long Duck Dong