1980 TV Shows


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Here are some of the TV shows that made their debut 1980:

Magnum PI

Magnum P.I.

Bosom BuddiesBosom Buddies

80s TV Too Close For ComfortToo Close For Comfort

80s TV Its a LivingIt’s A Living

80s TV Super FriendsSuper Friends

80s TV Thundarr the BarbarianThundarr The Barbarian

80s TV Those Amazing AnimalsThose Amazing Animals

80s TV Solid GoldSolid Gold

80s Tv FridaysFridays

80s TV FloFlo

80s TV SanfordSanford

80s TV That's Incredible!That’s Incredible!

80s TV Tenspeed & BrownshoeTenspeed & Brownshoe

80s TV Galactica 1980Galactica 1980

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