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From the shocking upset by the 1980 Olympic Hockey team to the stunning explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, the 1980s had it’s share of remarkable moments.


I heard that John Lennon was assassinated from Howard Cosell while watching Monday Night Football.

I remember watching the news in my 8th grade classroom the day President Ronald Reagan was shot.  A TV was wheeled in on one of those old audio visual carts.  We actually got to watch TV in school.  We thought that was pretty cool.

Just a few weeks later, in that same classroom, our principle, Sister Rose announced to the school that Pope John Paul II had been shot.  It being a Catholic school, the Pope was bigger news.

Music Videos

All day.  All night.  Nothing but music videos.  The VJs.  Nina Blackwood and Martha Quinn, sort of the Ginger and Mary Ann of MTV.


  • First female Vice Presidential candidate
  • First African American Miss America.
  • First American woman in space.
  • First cell phone
  • First Laptop

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