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Al Capone VaultCapone

Geraldo Rivera hosted a live television special in which Al Capone’s secret vault was opened.  The hype built up for the two hour live event was incredible.  However, when they finally opened the vault, it was completely empty.

Mike Tyson

80s Mike TysonAt the age of 20, boxer Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history by knocking out Trevor Berbick.  Tyson was “the baddest man on the planet” until 1990.

Laptop Computer80s laptop

IBM introduced the first laptop computer.  The 5140 Convertible was the first to use 3.5″ floppy disks.

January 26, 1986: The Chicago Bears cap off the most dominating playoff run by beating the New England Patriots 46-1 in Super Bowl XX.

January 28, 1986: The space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after liftoff.

April 26, 1986: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had a meltdown in the Soviet Union.

May 25, 1986: Hands Across America.  Over 5 million Americans held hands to form a human chain from New York City to Long Beach, California to raise money for charity.

September 8, 1986: Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast nationally for the first time.

October 28, 1986: Statue of Liberty celebrates her 100th birthday.

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