Breakfast Club Trivia Questions

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1. What is the zip code of Shermer, IL?

2. What sport does Andrew Clark play?

3. What did John Bender do to earn detention?

4. What does Vernon use to try to prop open the library door?

5. What clubs does Brian Johnson belong to?

6. Brian’s says that his mom does not like him to do what?

7. What did Claire do to earn detention?

8. In one scene Bender is tearing apart a book.  Who is the author of the book?

9. Why is Brian Johnson in detention?

10. Why is Bender in detention?

11. Bender showed Andrew where is dad had burned him with cigar.  Why does Bender say his dad burned him?

12. Why was Allison in detention?

13. Why does Brian say he needs a fake ID?

14. What did Claire bring for lunch?

15. What did Bender say he got for Christmas?

16. When the kids are trying to get back to the library after going to Bender’s locker, where does Bender hid his marijuana?

17. What does Allison tell Andrew that she drinks?

18. When Bender calls Brian a cherry, where does Brian tell him that he got laid?

19. When Bender falls through the ceiling after sneaking out of the closet that Vernon had put him in, what reason does he give the others for coming back to the library?

20. What does Claire give Bender at the end of the movie?


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