Ferris Bueller Trivia Questions

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Test your knowledge of Ferris Bueller’s Days Off.  Clink on the Answers link to check your score.

1. How many times has Ferris been absent during the semester?

2. What’s the name of the Dean of Students?

3. What does Ferris’ mom do for a living?

4. Who notifies Sloane that her grandmother has died?

5. What kind of car does Ferris drive to pick up Sloane from school?

6. Who plays the part of the Economics teacher?

7. Ferris’ dad calls Ferris to check on him.  What does he tell Ferris to do?

8. Cameron wears the hockey sweater of an all time great player.  Name the player.

9. Name the restaurant that Ferris, Cameron and Sloane go to for lunch.

10. Ferris is missing a test.  What is the subject of the test?

11. In what suburb do the Buellers live?

12. What sporting event do Ferris, Cameron and Sloane attend?

13. Cameron and Sloane are separated from Ferris at a parade.  Name the parade.

14. The two find Ferris on a float in the parade.  What songs does Ferris lip sync?

15. How many miles were on Cameron’s fathers car when the day began?

16. How many miles are on the car when Cameron goes berserk?

17. Back at Cameron’s house, Ferris and Sloane are in the Jacuzzi.  What is Ferris eating?

18. After being arrested, Jeanie Bueller meets a boy (played by Charlie Sheen) in the police station. Why has the boy been arrested?

19. What name does Jeanie say that a lot of guys call her?

20. What does Rooney leave in the Bueller’s kitchen?


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