Major League Trivia Questions

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See what your batting average is against this ace.  Click on answers below to find out.

1. Before marrying the owner of the Cleveland Indians, what was Rachel Phelps line of work?

2. When the Indians general manager offers him the job of managing the Indians, where is Lou Brown working?

3. Where is Ricky Vaughn when he gets invited to training camp?

4. Where does Rachel Phelps want to move the Indians?

5. Where is Pedro Cerrano from?

6. What is Cerrano’s religion?

7. How do players find out that they have been cut from the team?

8. What is Cerrano’s biggest flaw as a baseball player?

9. Ricky Vaughn breaks what American League record?

10. What book does Jake read in hopes of winning back Lynn?

11. What does announcer Harry Doyle drink during games?

12. The roll of Clue Haywood is played by what former Major League player?

13. What is the name of the radio show hosted by Harry Doyle?

14. The Indians star in a TV commercial for what?

15.  How does Suzanne Dorn get back at her husband, Roger Dorn, for cheating on her?

16. Cerrano wants to sacrifice a live chicken before the playoff game with Yankees.  How does Jake handle this request?

17. What pitcher starts the playoff game against the Yankees?

18. Who hits the game tying homerun for the Indians?

19. Vaughn strikes out Haywood in the ninth inning.  The third strike is clocked at what speed by a radar gun?

20. How does Jake Taylor drive in the winning run?


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