Stripes Trivia Questions

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Here is a Stripes Trivia quiz.  Will you pass muster?  Check your answers by clinking the link below.

1. John Winger shares his philosophy with the shoe shine guy.  What is his philosophy?

2. When Winger’s girlfriend, Anita, is walking out on him, why does he tell her she can’t leave?

3. Russell bets Winger that he can’t do what?

4. In the recruiting office, how does Winger sign his induction papers?

5. What is the name of the drill sergeant in basic training?

6. What song does the platoon sing while marching?

7. Why was Howard J. Turkstra given the nickname “The Cruiser” by the guys in his car club?

8. What is Psycho’s real name?

9. Basic training is done at what army base?

10. Who is the commanding officer of the platoon?

11. What is the name of the club that the guys go to after their drill sergeant is blown up?

12. How much does Ox pay to mud wrestle?

13. After their arrested, John and Russell go with the MPs to what General’s house?

14. In trying to explain what happened when the men got arrested, Ox says that the men were on there way to where?

15. After basic training, where is the platoon stationed?

16. What are the men charged with protecting?

17. When John and Russell are on guard, what do they tell the MP in order to leave the hanger?

18. When the platoon goes under cover to find John and Russell, what country to they mistakenly go into?

19. What division and company are John and Russell in?

20. After returning home as heroes, on what magazine covers do each of the following appear: Louise Cooper, Stella Hansen, Ox, Russell and Winger?


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